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Justification: explain how this recommendation deals with the problem.

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments

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Think of the most important key problem facing your company (NETFLIX). A key problem is something that needs to be dealt with in order for the company to achieve its goals, remain viable, or significantly improve its performance.
Examples of key issues: (These are merely examples to help you get an idea of what a key issue may look like)
• Product obsolescence.
• Consumer trends that are threatening the organization
• Competitive pressures that demand a change in business-level strategy and adjustment to its resource base.
• Loss of key talent.
important : In order for the analysis to be useful and to enable you to generate feasible solutions, do not focus on problems caused by the general environment which the company cannot directly respond to, such as a temporary economic downturn affecting the entire economy.
-Why do the problems matter? For example, how the problems affect the companies’ goals, viability, or performance. Recommended length: 1 paragraph
-Selection and justification. What in your research convinces you that the problem you choose is the most important? Recommended length: Up to 1 page.
Justification: Explain how this recommendation deals with the problem. Recommended length: 1 paragraph
To provide sufficient and up-to-date support for your analysis, use at least 5 sources in total, written no more than three years ago. Such sources could include articles, datasets, comments by company executives, comments by an industry analyst, etc.
Format: Use APA format. Cite all references appropriately. List the references that you used for this assignment. Make sure you provide a reference for each source.

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