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Unusual ingredient

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Agriculture | 0 comments

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Assignment Objective: Identify ingredients responsible for the characteristics of a specific cultural cuisine.
Visit an ethnic market that specializes in Asian, African, Middle Eastern, South American or European foods.
Try something that is unfamiliar to you. For example if you are Asian, please do not visit an Asian market, or if you are of Middle Eastern descent, do not visit a Middle Eastern market.
Select and purchase three items/products from the store you select. All three can come from the same store. They do not have to be expensive, but should be items that you can taste and not ones that need a lot of preparation.
The items may be from different countries or regions in a country from the type of ethnic market
Select items that you have never tasted. And purchase different types of food.
For example, one might be a savory item or a snack, another more of an entrée or main or side dish and the third could be a sweet. You might also try a beverage.
Each item should contain at least one ingredient that is unfamiliar to you. It could be a spice, a vegetable or fruit, or maybe a grain. Be sure to name the ingredient in your report and comment on the role that ingredient plays in the product.
Photograph the items to document fulfilling the assignment. Photos need to be of the food item, not the package. Take the food out of the package before photographing. Photos from on-line sources or photos or packages are not acceptable and will not receive any credit.
Write a brief description of the market.
Describe the atmosphere.
Including any unusual smells (spices, incense, foods)
Sights or sounds (may include other languages spoken or how the food is presented).
Try to talk to someone in the market perhaps for information that will help you purchase your items.
Provide the Name and Address of the store you select.
Evaluate each product according to taste, texture and cost. Would you purchase the item again, why or why not?
Some Markets have a section that prepares food. You are welcome to select items from this part of a market.
Photograph the products you selected and include the photographs with your report. These photographs need to be of the food itself, not the package.
Document how the items are typically used in the culture from which they originate. You may need to speak to store personnel for help with this.
Does the item play a significant role in any religious or cultural holiday? If so, describe its significance. If not indicate that as well.
Comment on the ingredient that is unfamiliar to you and the role it plays in the product. Is it for seasoning? Does it contribute to the consistency of the product? Or it may be the product itself if it is a new fruit, vegetable or grain.
References are required, one for each product and at least 1 for the culture (at least 4 total).
Two to three pages double spaced.
Then summarize your evaluation using the following table format:
Food Item
Unusual Ingredient
Cuisine (from what country)
ARABIC (Middle Eastern)
Thick consistency, very flavorful, typically used as dip or spread with flat breads or as an accompaniment to other foods.

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