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How does this policy affect those it addresses?

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments

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Objective: Understand policies and procedures.
Read and review a section of a policy created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Understanding how to review a policy will be beneficial to you and your future organization.
Download the Healthcare Personnel Safety Component Protocol (CDC, 2017)Download Healthcare Personnel Safety Component Protocol (CDC, 2017)
Read pages 4–1 to 4–3.
Deliver a one-page review of this policy section, its content, and the way this material relates to your future role as a healthcare administrator. Address the following:
What type of policy is this, and who is it for?
How does this policy affect those it addresses?
What major force is driving this policy?
How will this policy help implement change?
Do you think this is an effective policy that can be continued over time?
Include a title page and a reference list. You must cite and reference the CDC Manual and at least one other source. You may use your text as a source.
Remember to always cite your sources using APA Style.

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