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Is winning, while consciously covering the spread cheating?

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Sports and Athletics | 0 comments

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The critical assignment for SAM 635, Issues in Intercollegiate and Professional Sports is designed to demonstrate that students have achieved the learning outcomes established for the Sports Management specialization of the MBA program in the College of Business and Management.
This, like the other checkpoint critical assignments, is an integral part of the assessment plan of the college for success in achieving the overall intended students’ learning outcomes for the MBA program.
This assignment is about cheating culture in professional sports. Soaring paychecks for top professional athletes and pharmacological advances have conspired to increase the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports in recent years. Individual athletes face tough ethical choices about how to get ahead amid systematic cheating and gross pay inequities among athletes — with cheaters often getting the biggest rewards.
This assignment will challenge you to focus on today’s global sporting environment and the current ethical violations that are taking place. Your paper may address any sport at any level. Your focus is to: identify the ethical violations that are taking place within sport. You will see that we face similar moral challenges at all levels of sport, from youth athletics, to professional superstars.
Examples may range from, “Deflate-Gate” where you could examine how the NFL operates, or you could ask why a Little League team who illegally recruited players, had vacate their national title. The IOC has done their best to test athletes for PED’s during the summer and winter Olympics, while professional cycling has battled a culture of cheating for decades.
What area of sports are you interested in? What are the major ethical violations taking place within that sport? Think globally, and take a look at sports from around the world; PED’s are only the surface of the violations taking place. Referees and players have been caught fixing matches, or tanking on purpose. Is winning, while consciously covering the spread cheating?
What about transgender athletes, or able bodied athletes competing at the Paralympics?
Start by looking at your favorite sports for examples, and expand your search to the international level from there.
Topic Content:
Start by identifying at least 4 ethical violations in 4 different sports. Craft an introduction to frame your papers configuration.
Identify how each of your examples cheated, what their punishment was, and was the punishment enough?
Is this a trend in the chosen sport, or is their behavior systemic in their field? Are there behavioral parallels in the world of business?
Discuss how their actions overall have affected the sport, what were the legal ramifications.
How did this infraction impact the sport property and key stakeholders?
What if anything they can do to regain the trust of the public eye?
Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to:
Develop a reflective narrative that integrates and applies the fundamentals of sport business in a global context. (SLO 13.1, SLO 1.2, SLO 2.3)
Evaluate the organizational impact to the chosen sport properties, and apply conclusions to managerial decision-making in Sports Management (SLO 13.2, SLO 1.1)
Analyze ethical issues that impact sport business decisions from economic, political, legal, and social perspectives (SLO 13.3, SLO 3.3, SLO 3.1)
Demonstrate proficient business writing skills with well-substantiated argument and proper citation of evidence. (SLO 4.1)
Identify key legal issues affecting the sports industry. (SLO 13.4, SLO 1.1, SLO 3.3)
You can use ANY sport to complete this project, and can focus on any level of sport. You should adopt a sport business perspective, and address the above questions in detail, and as always support your content with sources, and in-text citations. Create a Written report that outlines each of your chosen ethical violations, and address each of the items listed above as applied to each example. Your paper should also include an introduction that briefly describes why you selected the 4 topics, and why they are of importance to the sporting industry, as well as a conclusion that brings it all together.
Where are the common trends across your 4 topics, and why do you believe this to be? Are these trends fading, or growing in popularity, and do you expect these trends to surface in other areas of sport?
Explain your thoughts in your conclusion, and as always provide support for your ideas with quality sources. Use the Sports Business Journal for at least one of your sources. Each project should be a minimum of 8 pages long, and submitted through the provided Canvas Link. Support your opinion with facts, and use APA format when citing your sources in the body of your work, as well as when listing your references.

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