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Step 3: read the tempest after watching the video.

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1000 words with three research sources that are credible such as Galileo, .edu websites, or .gov websites
MLA Format,
YouTube URL:
Steps to tackling The Tempest:
Step 1: Watch this short video before reading The Tempest. This video provides details on Shakespeare, a brief summary of the drama, and some critical observations / analysis of characters and themes in the drama.
Step 2: Brush up on archetypes. Check out the ARCHETYPES attachment above the video for a list of common archetypes that may show up in the drama and on your module quiz.
Step 3: Read The Tempest after watching the video. The Tempest is located on pages 138 – 229 in Chapter 6 of our textbook.
Step 4: After reading The Tempest, watch the film adaption below.
Step 5: Read the scholarly article by Jyotsna Singh titled “Post-colonial reading of The Tempest” posted below in this folder.
That will be all of the directions needed

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