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Write a python program to perform the following

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Programming | 0 comments

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Aim: Discover, analysis and predict from tabular data.
Overview: You are requested to analyse data of our choice using python
programming language. Write a python program to perform the following
Task 1: Load the dataset in relevant format and show its properties, e.g.
number of records, number of features and their types. (hint: use Pandas
Library to read the data). Inspect the dataset and perform data cleaning (e.g.
removing duplicate records and fixing missing data).
Task 2: Provide descriptive statistics of the dataset and perform an
exploratory data analysis (EDA) to answer the following analysis questions:
• What trend did you find?
• Show any attributes (features) that are correlated and show interesting
(you are encouraged to impose other analysis questions based on any trend
you notice in the dataset).
Task 3: Show visual representation of your analysis (hint: use data
visualization packages such as Matplotlib and Seaborn).
Task 4: Build a machine learning model to make prediction from your

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