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Please review the rubriclinks to an external site.

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Module 6: Education Discussion
Complete the writing prompts below in essay format.
Paragraph I: After reading the chapter and the article on education, I learned…
Paragraph II: After reading the chapter and article, I am still confused about…
Paragraph III: The concepts/theories (be specific) from the chapter can be related to….” (real-life connection)
*Remember to cite the article at the end of your initial post in APA 7th Edition style format.
Initial Discussion Response Participation Requirements:
It is anticipated that your initial discussion response should be a minimum of 250 words.
Citations and references will not be included in your total word count.
All responses need to be supported by a minimum of one scholarly resource.
All questions on the topic must be addressed.
Response posts must demonstrate topic knowledge and scholarly engagement with peers.
Please proofread your response carefully for grammar and spelling.
Citation and reference must adhere to APA format.
Please review the rubricLinks to an external site. to ensure that your response meets the criteria.
Discussion Peer/Participation Requirements:
Substantive means that you add something new to the discussion, you aren’t just agreeing. This is also a time to ask questions or offer information surrounding the topic addressed by your peers. Personal experience is appropriate for a substantive discussion and should be correlated to the literature.
Instructor follow-ups count toward one of your peer responses.
Remember: Please respect the opinions of others, even if their views differ. In other words, disagree professionally and respectfully.
Plagiarism is never acceptable – give credit when credit is due – cite your sources.
Be sure to post your initial response by Wednesday 11:59 PM MT and reply to at least 2 other posts per discussion question by Sunday 11:59 PM MT, adding to the discussion (see the grading rubric to meet the criteria to earn your discussion points).
Please see the list of approved resources under “Library Resources” on the Pages tab to the left.

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