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Choose from one of the following prompts for essay #4:

by | Nov 4, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Choose from one of the following prompts for Essay #4:
1. Write an essay about a warring, divided society that you believe has need for a reconciliation committee. Why has this idea not been put into effect there, and what do you believe it would take to create in this particular society the kind of forgiveness that Tutu would like to see?
2. Research aspects of the double personality as it occurs in popular culture through heroes and heroines who lead a double life or celebrities who create a false persona that fans mistake for the “real” person. Write an essay in which you analyze the phenomenon of the “double self” in the celebrities and the hero/heroines of popular culture.
3. Write an essay on how individuals learn to forgive themselves. Do some research into this topic. Then write about how one might apply these concepts of forgiveness to social and political disagreements and confrontations.
4. Choose any of the “Topics for Writing” on pages 369-370 of our textbook.
Your essay must also meet the following requirements:
1. It should be typed, double-spaced and submitted on Blackboard. It should also have 1-inch margins as per MLA style. Submit your essay as an attachment in Microsoft Word.
2. It should include a heading (also double-spaced) in the upper left corner with the following information: Your name, title of course, instructor’s name, due date, and the prompt number you’ve chosen.
3. It should include a title that reflects the focus of your essay. This title should not simply repeat the title of one or more of our readings. It should be centered and follow the heading.
4. The final draft should between 750-1250 words (approx. 3-5 typed, double-spaced pages). Upon submitting a first draft, you should either form a peer review group or submit your paper to the online tutoring service on MWL to receive feedback. I will be grading final drafts only.
5. It should include at least 3-5 outside sources. Two sources MUST be readings from our textbook. The other sources MUST be from your own research. You are required to include a minimum of three sources.
6. It should adhere to MLA style guidelines regarding correct use and citation of sources. These sources should be properly cited in the body of the essay; in addition, each source used must have a separate entry on the Works Cited page.

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