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Choose one of the following and answer 1000 words to it:

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Philosophy | 0 comments

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Read the files I uploaded. Don’t summarize but take a look at all of them. Make sure to don’t just quote the first page. Professor cares to see if someone has looked at the documents. Pick the question and see which source relates to it better.
At least 5 or more substantive paragraphs/space them correctly
Need quotes and not just the first page of the chapter
The form of the paper is arguing for something
Use 2 outside sources but make sure to use the file I uploaded to cite.
It should be in the first person, like ‘I will argue that,” saying something like “I will be discussing…” is not the same.
First, in the introduction, you tell the reader what is coming in enough detail so he or she knows what to expect. This is the “I will be arguing” part.
Second, the body of the essay elaborates on the points and is the place to consider objections. The body of the paper is by far the longest part of the essay.
Third, offer a conclusion. Conclusions are not just one sentence. In conclusion, rather than recapitulate your argument. In other words, conclusions remind the reader of what they have just read and justify why it was worth their time. In conclusion, thus, you can say something like, “In this essay, I have shown that…” and then recapitulate what you have said.
Grades are based on three things, so make sure you address all 1)Did You Answer the Answer Question? 2)Clarity 3)Philosophical Understanding
Always stick to the point. Examples are great, but they must be relevant. Same with analogies. Never let some illustration take the place of your argument.
Third, make sure to cover all the components of the prompt. Do not omit any.
When arguing a case, try to show that something is true, false, plausible, implausible, etc. Just as in real life, you adhere to standards of debate and remember to do the same in the essays.
When considering what to write, never feel like you have to agree with an author. If the prompt asks you if a view is plausible or not, the latter is an option. Do not defend the implausible. For instance, if arguing for something (e.g., that we are living in a simulation) requires a high burden of proof, do not ignore that. Doing so will invite easy objections. Similarly, do not feel as if you have to agree or disagree with an entire position. Often, it is better to agree with one aspect of a position and disagree with another, or agree or disagree only to a degree. Remember to be critical.
Choose one of the following and answer 1000 words to it:
Existentialism is a wild and fascinating doctrine. Heidegger, in particular, offers a very unique version of existentialism, even if he seems to talk in riddles. De Beauvoir, although much of her work is about women, argues for most of the same doctrines.
1. 1. The Stoics (e.g. Epictetus), recall, argue that we can always choose how we react to reality. In other words, we can always train ourselves to react differently to events. Similarly, Heidegger and De Beauvoir hold that existence proceeds essence. So we are always free to choose who we want to be. Notice the similarity between stoicism and existentialism here. Namely, we have complete freedom of the will, and so are responsible for our choices. Given this similarity, compare and contrast these respective notions of freedom. More generally, do you think we are really so free (e.g. free in how we react, or what we choose) in the ways that these movements claim? Or, do you think that this central premise of these movements is false? Moreover, do you think we are always responsible? Explain.
2. Heidegger and De Beauvoir both insist that some forms of life and thought are more authentic than others. This does not just mean being honest with yourself. Neither does it mean doing the opposite of what others do. Authenticity is a difficult idea to pin down. “Authenticity” by Taylor Carmen in the Blackwell Companion to Heidegger should be helpful here. Given this, what is authenticity, according to Heidegger and De Beauvoir? According to these thinkers, respectively, how can we fail to become authentic persons? Do you think that the existentialist notion of authenticity is plausible or implausible? Why, exactly?
3. De Beauvoir famously applies her version of existentialism to women. So for instance, she insists that one is not born a woman, but one becomes one. Actually, she says the same of men. De Beauvoir, then, is a feminist, but she offers an existentialist version of feminism. Actually, she makes this clear in her interview with Susan Brinson, in our supplementary readings. The article by Gary Gutting- which is an overview- is also helpful here. Given that De Beauvoir argued for an existential version of feminism, what is her version of feminism, exactly? How is her version of feminism different from what we hear today? Do you find her version of feminism compelling, or not? Why?
Remember, it is key to not let the jargon of existentialism dissuade you. When Heidegger talks of being in the world, or idle talk, translate such terms into more familiar ones. When de Beauvoir speaks of ambiguity, do the same. According to these thinkers, such jargon is necessary. Perhaps it once was. But when translated, these ideas are quite familiar now.
sources: (refer to the files I uploaded as well)

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