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Is this an ongoing priority for global health concern – so your strategic planning needs to be sustainable?

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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What issue has the potential for the biggest ethical concern(s) in the future?
Criteria for consideration include:
It might involve access to health care across crisis or conflict to meet basic humanitarian needs?
There may be concerns with individual human rights amidst cultural and religious customs?
Or sharing technologies with developing countries that allows them to improve healthcare resources?
Perhaps you would like to focus on the health care for those populations impacted by climate change – with entire villages forced to migrate.
You may be concerned about the direction of biotechnologies in the developed world – with genetics, stem cells, etc.
These are all just ideas to help determine a priority to focus on for the assignment below. Please select your own topic to write about.
FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, please fill out the outline below, representing your FICTICIOUS FUTURE POSITION in an organization that has just received their largest monetary contribution to date – and YOU are in charge of making a real difference in people’s lives that you serve over the next 5 years. Use the homework form below to reply to the fictitious “funding committee”. There are no right or wrong selections, but you must choose a focus for your funding and ethically justify your selection to the funding committee. The scenario is fictional, but the implementation has the potential for many ethical and human rights barriers.
Respond to the following (let me know if you have any questions):
1. What is your new leadership “position” and/or “title”?
Briefly describe who you work for (e.g. non-profit, for-profit, self-contractor, etc.) 2.What is the global health focus of the monetary contribution (what is your topic of future ethical concern)?
3.Why is this a global health urgency to focus on NOW?
4. Describe how ethical principles and human rights issues are of concern for your topic?
5. How will you ensure:
1.An ethical approach in strategic implementation of your funding?
Human rights of the individuals are respected?
2. What are your strategies to identify and overcome barriers?
What does “success” look like?
3. Is this an ongoing priority for global health concern – so your strategic planning needs to be sustainable?
Or suggest a goal to strive for (such as “herd immunity” with vaccinations)?
Writing and Grading guidelines:
Use APA formatting, formal writing style and appropriate grammar. See APA Resources Module and the APA paper template for assistance.
References in APA formatting are expected for citing your sources. Including in-text citations.
Total word count is expected to be at least 400 words, not including references or title page.
Grading will be as follows:
Quality of outline responses and selection of global health urgency? – 20%
Quality of supporting ethical arguments and implementation strategy? – 30%
Professional writing style and grammar (no informal phrases or 1st person), sufficient word count – 20%
APA formatting in text and citations/references as appropriate – 15%
Timeliness of submission – 15%

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