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Don’t use “softball” questions – “what color is the sky?”

by | Nov 5, 2022 | Economics | 0 comments

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Research a topic of interest. Relate that topic to Macroeconomic Principles we have studied.
Develop five (5) questions that illustrate connections to these principles.
Step 1: Choose a Theme
Here some Theme ideas
Monetary Policy / Fiscal Policy of the Pandemic
Recession of 1980 versus 2022 current conditions
Stress Test 2022 vs. 2008: Is the Banking System sound, what structural fractures remain?
Step 2: Research the Theme (Use Reputable Resources (internet sources .gov / .org / .edu )(Date of Articles: use articles that are recent….no articles older than 2010)
Step 3: Make Connections to Macroeconomics
(Macroeconomic Connections with Topics we are currently studying:
Monetary Policy / Fiscal Policy / International Trade / Money & Banking)
(Unemployment, inflation, growth, Aggregate supply / Aggregate demand etc. Distinction between Supply/demand and Aggregate supply/Aggregate demand. Study a market in the context of macro impact
Change in quantity demanded vs. Change in demand…..know the difference)
Step 4: Develop five (5) questions that illustrate Macro Connections
Organize your thoughts to create 5 questions
Questions should pertain to course material
ONE opinion question at the end
Include a
DON’T use “softball” questions – “what color is the sky?”
Don’t just summarize article
Questions should be specific
Don’t generalize with your response
Don’t just cite statistics (more jobs/higher prices)
Don’t write more than one opinion paragraph

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