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Is there a concept like christian salvation in buddhism?

by | Nov 5, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Must follow this guide line:
Here’s the format for paper 3. Please note that each element is REQUIRED and you can and should use this document as a template and just fill in the blanks. My description of each element is in italics.
This is the question that your paper will answer. It should be a yes or no question about Christianity and Buddhism. Examples:
Is Buddhist meditation like Christian prayer?
Are Nirvana and Heaven the same?
Does the Buddha play the same role in Buddhism as Jesus does in Christianity?
Is there a concept like Christian salvation in Buddhism?
This is a counter-argument to your position, the OPPOSITE of what you think. If YOU think the answer to the question of the paper is “yes,” then the OBJECTION presents the “no” answer, with some details and justification.
OBJECTION 2 and 3:
Other versions of the OPPOSITE of your position.
You can have as many OBJECTIONS as you want, but you should have at least 2.
This is a short presentation of YOUR answer to the question, supported by A QUOTE from some authority (Like Huston Smith, or the Gospel of Mark, etc.). You should use the rules for quoting in the writing text for help here.
This is a full presentation, with supporting evidence from the class reading, of your position on the question. You should refer to the course texts in this section of the paper, and it should be long and detailed. In most cases this is going to be several paragraphs, over a page. Make your argument in detail with supporting evidence and quotes as appropriate.
This is your rebuttal of OBJECTION 1. Why is the argument found in objection 1 wrong?
REPLY 2 and 3:
Rebuttals of the other OBJECTIONS.

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