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What factors contributed to the cold war and how did they impact the politics of anti-communism on the home front?

by | Nov 5, 2022 | History | 0 comments

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What factors contributed to the Cold War and how did they impact the politics of anti-communism on the home front? ( 1945-1960)
In this essay, the following points must be considered:
–Origins and leadership of the Cold War beginning at the end of WW2
–Loyalty and Security Implications
–Ideological justifications
–foreign policy, containment, domino theory, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine, etc.
–Domestic anti-communism crusade, McCarthyism, HUAC, Blacklisting, Hiss, Chambers, Rosenberg’s, etc.
–Implications for the culture of the Cold War; film, bomb shelters, etc.
Choose at least 5 of the following primary sources in the selective readings for the course, but you can add additional primary sources if you want to add further depth of analysis to support your argument. You can use secondary sources, but must cite.
-Elaine May, Explosive Issues: Sex, Women and the Bomb
-Harry S. Truman, “The Truman Doctrine”
-Joseph McCarthy, “Lincoln Day Address”
-NSC-68 “ Report to the National Security Council”
-Cold War Advertisements, 1950
-One of Them Still Lying, Hiss and Chambers Contradict Each Other
-Comic book cover, The Incredible Hulk
-Churchill, Iron Curtain Speech/Excerpt From Stalin Interview
-Sputnik Cartoon
-Yalta Conference
-The Founding of the Cominform, Oct. 6, 1947
-Eisenhower Doctrine
-Rosenbergs U.S. Court House Photo after being Found Guilty
-Sketch of Nuclear Weapon Design allegedly passed to the Soviet Union
-The Guardian, June 1953, “Execution of the Rosenbergs”
-Nixon Before the Grand Jury
-Testimony of Disney before HUAC
-Hollywood Ten Leaflet, 1950/Protest photo for the Hollywood Ten War Advertisements (A-G)
-Cold War Advertisments

-Alger Hiss


The paper must be 7 pages plus a Works Cited Page. Please double space and make sure your margins are one inch, top, bottom and sides, which conforms to most academic papers.

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