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Choose a primary topic that interests you, and define an area on which to focus.

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The topics for the paper are based on an issue and challenge in long term care. Some
suggested topics include: ethical and legal issues, end of life issues, long term care
management, governance, advocacy, autonomy, quality, caregivers, environmental
design, long term care facilities, home care, accessibility, dementia care, integrated
delivery systems. Choose a primary topic that interests you, and define an area on which
to focus. For example, under the topic of autonomy you might choose to consider how
the right to self determination is implemented in long term care facilities which could
include how facilities, make available living wills and education for seniors and their
families about end of life decision making.
Writing the Paper
When writing your paper, keep in mind that: Your paper must be clearly organized, with a purpose/thesis at the very beginning of the paper and preferably clear topic sentences at the beginning of each successive paragraph. Although direct quotations from the sources are not the only kind of example that you may use in your paper, you may use at least a few quotations from primary sources.
Your paper should be up to 10 pages long, double-spaced, typed or computer printed.
Handwritten papers will not be accepted.
The paper should be in APA format.
This paper constitutes 25% of the course grade and will be graded on the following
criteria: 10 points for research (examples from primary sources) and/or empirical
research in the field, 5 points for organization, 5 for posing and answering an interesting
long term care administration question, 5 points format including references and for the
quality of your writing.

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