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Which will your project be?

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Purpose: The purpose of this project is to provide learners with an opportunity to establish a plan for a small research project. The submissions will provide students with experience:
Developing a feasible research question/hypothesis that can be used to practise data collection and analysis
Evaluating one’s work in relation to community expectations Learning how to defend one’s work through professional communication (self-advocacy). Receiving feedback and revising work Maintaining good work habits: keeping up with reading materials
Formatting Guidelines:
This is a formal APA short essay including in-text citations to required course readings and a formal Reference page. Length: between 700 -1000 words (not including reference list)
Please refer to the following link for APA Guidelines: Due to the short length of this essay
It does NOT require a formal introduction or conclusion
Block quotes or direct quotes are also NOT permitted Suggested Template for Proposal
Length: approximately 4 to 6 paragraphs. Below is a suggested structure:
Paragraph 1: Propose a topic to research. Summarise the findings from two different journal articles from the last 5 years on this topic.
Paragraph 2: Identify and define the paradigm you would be working within. Locate 1 other research article with a similar topic that is working within the same paradigm (can be one from paragraph 1). Paragraph 3: Identify and define the difference between quantitative and qualitative research. Which will your project be? What are the strengths of taking this approach? What are the limitations? Paragraph 4: What kind of data would you collect to learn more about this topic? Be as specific as possible. Why is this a good choice of data for your researchable question (connect to your readings)?
Paragraph 5 Discuss the key ethical considerations researchers must keep in mind when developing a research project. What ethical considerations are specific to your research? Include a formal APA Reference List
At least 3 primary sources (lectures and course notes cannot be cited)
Required readings must be referenced and prioritised

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