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Do not use secondary readings (e.g., powerpoints, notes, etc.).

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Choose one of the following:
1) Gettier argues against the plausibility of the JTB conception of knowledge. If Gettier is correct, then we need to devise some alternative account of (propositional) knowledge. Could something be added to the JTB conception to rescue it from Gettier’s objections and, if so, what? Or is there a more radical option out there?
2) Dewey argues that schools play an integral role in socialization and development as part of their educational mission. Do you agree with the Deweyan thesis? Why or why not? If you agree with the Deweyan thesis, what obligations does this place on us politically (and morally) speaking, and what implications does that have for our extant structure in a country like the U.S.? If you disagree, what alternative vision of the role of the school ought we adopt?
3) Or Design your own!
The assignment is to pick one prompt and present a detailed project on a related thesis.
One way in which students will be held accountable for the readings, and also develop their critical writing skills, will be by a series of short writing assignments. Each unit will require students to submit a two-to-three-page reading response that addresses an argument or concept from reading and/or lecture that the student finds particularly interesting. Students may utilize prefabricated prompts or write on prompts of their own creation.
These assignments are designed to require you to engage closely with a single issue, but do not require extended treatment. They are less formal in nature than the final paper and do not necessarily need to conclusively resolve an argument so long as a substantive and original issue is raised in the response. They should, however, utilize a traditional essay structure in miniature: introduction, exposition, and analysis, followed by a works cited list. The best two scores will be retained. If there is no works cited list attached to a submission, then no feedback will be given and a score of ‘0’ will be assigned until the paper is re-uploaded with a proper works cited list.
Remember to use assigned primary readings and to cite with the relevant page numbers with your engagements so that I may follow your topic and argument (and, of course, to avoid plagiarism). Do not use secondary readings (e.g., PowerPoints, notes, etc.). Feel free to compare different positions you have engaged with over the semester. Following the deadline for submission, each paper will be evaluated by the instructor and feedback will be provided for the purpose of revision. You may contact me ahead of time if you want to ask questions about a topic.

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