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How has the economy changed because of them?

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Economics | 0 comments

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Name three ”fun facts” about your chosen business.
Would this business be best described as a perfect competitor, monopolistic competitor, monopoly, or oligopoly? Explain in detail.
Briefly tell the story of how this entrepreneur or entrepreneurs started this business. How has the economy changed because of them?
What are the constraints on pricing for the main good or service the business sells?
What is the demand and supply situation for the product or service? Pick at least 2 recent demand shifters and 2 supply shifters.
Is demand inelastic or elastic –that is, would a price increase dramatically reduce buyer demand (elastic) or would demand only be slightly affected (inelastic) in the short run? What would happen if they raised the price 10%? (Can you find an article about a price change?)
What substitutes do prospective customers have for the product or service?
Will the business be dominated by fixed or variable costs? Explain.
To what extent can suppliers and employees enforce cost increases on the business?
Has the company been making a profit? What would you suggest to improve the company’s profits?
Storyboard your part of the presentation and take a picture of it. Include it at the end of your PowerPoint presentation.
Make sure each slide contains only one idea. Think of your slides as billboards and that you need to get the main message across within three seconds.
Keep the quantity of text on each slide to a minimum.
Preferably no more than 1-3 bullet points per slide. (i.e. do not create a slideu-ments). One TED Talk presentation had 200 slides for an 18 minute talk!
Better still are single images, one at a time –compelling photos or meaningful graphs.
Use very large fonts (TED Talk crew suggests72-128 points, and seriously try hard to avoid less than 60pt).
Design for the back of the room.
Are your fonts sexy enough? Pick two fonts to use. Feel free to vary the size to create excitement.
Avoid using ‘transitions.
If you use “builds,” where parts of a slide are revealed gradually, best to make a separate slide for each stage of the build (rather than counting on the presentation software to “behave” properly.)
Display text slides after speaking their contents. If you show text and then read it, the audience has gotten through it faster than you.
Slides can also be used as PLACEHOLDERS describing the arc of your presentation’s content. (For instance, the first slide might say: “A journey of three cities”, then the second could be “1. London”, followed by “2. Paris” and “3. Rome”, over the course of your talk. In this way the text helps to frame your subject matter and to focus any wandering minds.)
Speak with energy and enthusiasm.

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