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Provide a detailed summary of the two readings you choose.

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The Question of God – (750 words minimum) Briefly summarize at least one argument given to support the existence of God and one that has been given to support the idea that there is no God – choose only from the readings covered in class (Anselm, Aquinas, Paley, Russell, Kierkegaard, Mackie, Hick) – not the Power Points or videos or other websites as your primary sources. Provide a DETAILED summary of the two readings you choose. Include the strengths and weaknesses of the two arguments you choose. Include citations and reference. Then present your own philosophical, reasoned argument for what you believe about the existence of God. In presenting your argument you should indicate in what way it compares to the other arguments you have presented, and the strengths and weaknesses of your argument. This paper will be evaluated for accuracy, cogency and clarity. Papers are graded 85% for content and 15% for writing mechanics and APA.
Id like to clarify that the only 2 sources that are needed are the ones provided. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES WILL BE USED. Therefore all the quoting and eveything needed to write essay is provided in the two attached documents

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