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Add a synopsis under each bibliographic listing.

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Religion and Theology | 0 comments

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The Elaboration phase of each course requires
that you detail out your Micro-Project. The elaboration phase requires planning and analytical skills. Using the metaphor of cake baking, while the Organization phase meant considering what kind of cake to bake, this phase means finding and putting all the ingredients on the counter and in the order required, laying everything out to ensure nothing was missed. Plan on spending
8 – 10 hours to complete the assignment.
The specifics regarding the format, length of the assignment, any required page count, etc. can be found
adjacent to each Micro-Project below.
Every assignment should have a standard cover page and, where appropriate, citations and footnotes formatted in current Turabian style. Unless otherwise noted, all work is submitted in Microsoft Word.
sources should lean toward scholarly articles, scholarly books, or popular books, preferably published within the last ten
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
Having read “How to Write an Article (It is in the uploaded files)!!!
Critique” and your articles, now
you will add a one-paragraph synopsis of each article. Add a synopsis under each bibliographic listing. Two synopses per page are the norm. End each synopsis with one pro and one con
observation of the article.
This document is not opinion and must be in
third person. Submit 5 pages total content.
The file annotated-A%20Defensible%20Micro%20turn%20in.docx.pdf
Size: 48.7 Kb, shows you the problem in which I seek to
The file annotated-Bibliograph1.docx.pdf
Size: 90.2 Kb, is the bibliography page that you need to use according to the
The file transcript (10).txt
Size: 1.9 Kb, Is the file that has the reading “How to Write an Article.

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