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Creativity and original ideas and concepts are encouraged.

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You work for a large Boston based investment firm. They are currently using an older CRM (Client Relationship Management) system. It was home grown/built in house 10 years ago and has served them well but like all old systems, newer technologies have come along that are slicker, more integrated and higher functioning in general.
Your boss has come to you and asked you to begin the process of researching solutions. You could:
Build a new one – probably from scratch to use newer technologies
Analyze commercial purchase-able cloud based solutions
Your task is to create a framework to evaluate all/any short term and longer term costs associated with software ownership. Build versus buy.
Creativity and original ideas and concepts are encouraged. Use google, use lecture material and use your intuition. The delivery is a framework that identifies what you have to analyze. See the Case 2 Org Details document for more details about the organization.

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