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Discussion board topic: are taxes for entitlement programs, such as: welfare, medicare, and medicaid immoral?

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Philosophy | 0 comments

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Answer after reading the chapters on Thomas Hobbes (and Social Contract Theory), Immanuel Kant, and Karl Marx.
This writing assignment will help you to develop knowledge and skills related to the following Student Learning Objectives:
Objective 4: Present logically persuasive arguments in writing.
Objective 5: Demonstrate an ability to discuss and reflect upon the application of the course material to various aspects of life.
Objective 6: Evaluate the personal and social responsibilities of living in a diverse world. (Directions: see discussion board grading rubric)
Discussion Board Topic: Are taxes for entitlement programs, such as: welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid immoral? Why or why not?
Remember: Marx is not advocating for welfare state programs. Using the government as a third player in the economy to raise money through taxation so it can be spent in areas where the market does not spend it is sometimes called socialism; however, it is not. This is an economic idea most closely associated, in the contemporary period, with British economist John Maynard Keynes(please watch the video on Keynes).
Marx wants to take ownership of the means of production out of the hands of private owners and place it in the hands of the people. This is obviously a solution that goes well beyond taxing and spending. However, for the purposes of this discussion board, we are raising a question concerning the social good (or a question concerning the duties we have to others…if any).
Again, in short, are programs designed to help people, by taking the property of people who are better off, immoral? Why or why not?

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