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What would new technology allow you to do that wasn’t possible in 1997?

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

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In class we used the 4P framework to analyze Quakers failures. Imagine the case was happening right now and generate an action plan for Triarc’s turn-around of the Snapple brand in 2018. What would new technology allow you to do that wasn’t possible in 1997? Don’t just look up what Triarc did and parrot their actions back — there is no control case to decide if Triarc’s plan was the most optimal so think carefully and critically about the best Marketing Mix possible. Draw on the information in the case and the exhibits to briefly explain what failures you’re trying to overcome and generate strategies about how to approach each of the 4Ps. Pay special attention to ensuring that the 4Ps work in harmony with each other, and highlight the synergies where they occur.
As business majors, your communication skills are crucial — we want you to write well and expect that your work is clear, concise, and not only proof-read but iterated with multiple publishs. To that end here are some reminders about writing a strong paper.
In upper-level classes we want you to focus on the LOs because they are the core components of the class. Building your paper around the LOs is a much better approach than writing a paper and then shoving in LO footnotes. You may tag LOs with a footnote to make it is clear to you and the Professor where you are trying to highlight certain concepts, but do not explain your application in a footnote. Everything you need to make your case that this is a good use of the LO should be in the main text.
Learning Outcomes Added
#WhyExist: Identify why a given company exists and analyze its competitive advantage. Use these insights to evaluate business strategy and execution.
#CustomerCentricity: Identify customer needs and explain how their fulfillment leads to better business.
#AboveTheRevenueLine: Explain how financial performance can be linked to effective marketing strategy.
#ResearchStrategy: Assess the role of market research and consumer psychology in decision-making and strategy formation

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