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Write a 2-3 page (along with a title page) paper using the outline provided in apa or mla format.

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Group Communication – Movie Analysis Paper
100 Points
Assignment Description: You are to select a movie (defined as a film that runs over 60 minutes with a plot that is complete) to watch and analyze using group communication principles and skills. This assignment will require a 3 to 4 page paper, in APA or MLA format, describing the communication principles present with support from the movie. The purpose of this assignment is to recognize different aspects of group communication within a group scenario depicted in the movie.
Assignment Objectives:
Describe and appropriately apply group roles used (or not used) in the movie.
Recall a situation where effective (or ineffective) group skills are demonstrated.
Apply group communication to depiction/real-life situations.
Recognize the use of group communication skills.
Getting Started:
Decide on the group skills, competencies, and group knowledge that was used (or not used) within the movie. Refer specifically to our class lecture over Collaborating in Teams and Enhancing Team Meetings.
Specifically look for leadership and characteristics of effective teams,
group roles and examples of negative as well as positive roles (such as Group Think, Meeting Think, the Gate-Keeper role, etc.)
the stages in group problem solving,
balance of structure and interaction,
and finally cohesiveness, conformity, and creativity.
If you are analyzing a movie’s use of meetings and management of meetings, specifically look for elements outlined above but concentrate on the essential elements of a prepared and conducted meeting.
Watch the movie and connect the group competencies and skills. Keep in mind that you should select a movie that has group communication (defined as 3 to 20 people), not interpersonal (defined as 2 individuals). This movie cannot be an animated movie or a movie built around nonhuman characters (example: Finding Nemo, Men in Black, Superman, the Marvel movies, etc.) Movies that work well for this assignment include crime dramas, jury trial, detective movies, military combat type action films, etc.)
Write a 2-3 page (along with a title page) paper using the outline provided in APA or MLA format. Upload to the Canvas Dropbox by the stated due date

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