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Describe what you hope to accomplish by looking into this problem

by | Nov 12, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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This assigment is the first step in your Paper 3 assignment, Joining the Conversation. For this assignment, please write at least a substantial paragraph in response to the following prompts. You may instead number your responses as follows–
1. Identify the problem or issue you wish to discuss in the research paper. Be as specific as you can: Not “baseball” but “how to get more sports fans interested in professional baseball”
2. Explain why you are interested in this problem
3. Describe what you hope to accomplish by looking into this problem
4. Anticipate one objection or obstacle to either researching the problem, coming to some conclusion about it, or finding a solution to it
Please see the attached for more information about entire Paper 3 assignment:
1. Identify an existing problem, debate, or exigence and your initial response
to/thoughts about it. It may or may not be the same problem you identified in Paper 1 or
2 (if you wrote an argumentative/persuasive paper for Paper 2). If it is, please be prepared
to develop it in accordance with the more rigorous specifications of this assignment.
2. Find three interpretive sources that present a range of opinions, perspectives, purposes,
audiences, and genres. For example, if your topic is income inequality, you might include
an interview with CEO Warren Buffett, a Frontline documentary on minority earnings
compared with white earnings, and a page or article on the Heritage Foundation website.
Identify the following elements for each of your three sources: its genre and two
features of the source that enable you to identify its genre; its organizational pattern and
how you know (Foley); the larger conversation or debate the source participates in or is
responding to and how you know (Graff).
3. Briefly and informally share your topic and sources to the class, explaining your
interpretive sources, how/why you chose them, and the elements listed above.
4. publish a paper (2-3 pp.) or outline (thesis, 3 main points and supporting points) that
organizes what you’ve learned about your sources, introduces your main idea(s) with a
thesis, briefly summarizes and synthesizes your sources as needed, and supports what
you’ve learned with evidence from your sources
5. Revise and develop a more fully developed paper (5+ pp. or 6+ pp. if you are
revising and earlier paper) that incorporates your final sources, develops the ideas from
the publish, and integrates additional concepts we’ve studied in class and the suggestions of
your classmates, your own independent efforts, and my responses to your work.

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