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Persuasive research essay.

by | Nov 12, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Persuasive Research Essay. In this last essay of the semester, you are asked to contribute both research and original ideas to the study of an important literary text, demonstrating your abilities to a) construct an argument reflecting your own interpretive ideas, and b) integrate other writers’ and scholars’ commentary into your discussion of those ideas.
As with Essay One, your research essay must state and argue a single clear thesis related to Edgar Lee Masters’ book, Spoon River Anthology. You may, if you wish, work from the list of Journal Topics for Poetry, but you are not limited to that list. If you prefer, you may expand on ideas from your Poetry Exam, or you can develop an entirely new line of research and interpretation of your own.
Your finished essay must cite and discuss at least four (4) poems from Spoon River Anthology. In addition, you will need to cite at least three (3) secondary sources that you find on your own through library research. These must be high-quality scholarly sources – i.e, NoT Wikipedia, Sparknotes, shmoop, or others of that ilk. To help you learn proper methods of research and source evaluation, one of our regularly scheduled class meetings will be an instructional session in the campus library.
Your essay must be
at least 1,200 words in length (you may go over, but not under, this amount)
organized using the Three-Part Essay format discussed in class
typed or word-processed using 12-point type size, 1-inch margins, and double-spacing
accompanied by a 300-word Addendum in which you evaluate the quality of each of your secondary sources
MLA Formatting.
As with Essay One, you will need to provide proper in-text citations and Works Cited page in MLA format. Essays that do not meet these requirements will need to be corrected and re-submitted.

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