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This assignment requires you to focus on a single issue/assertion and convince your readers of your position. The issue must be significant, controversial, and debatable. Your topic should be something you believe in and have a strong conviction towards. Your essay is to have sound reasoning and follow a logical pattern. Attention is to be given to developing the essay design and proper structure.
You are required to do research for this paper. Published, scholarly, credible sources must be cited on a formal reference page. You are required to consult at least three.
Your essay must include an assertive claim, an attention-getting introduction, a strong thesis, main points of debate, smooth transitional statements, and a memorable conclusion. A final formal outline and works cited reference page are due with the final publish. The work cited references must be in APA style.
Correct grammar is essential, as well as descriptive writing, sensory details, sentence variety, and structure. You need to provide your own unique and persuasive voice that supports your point of view.
Plagiarism from any source will result in a zero on the essay.
Notes: Focus on one-single issue or assertion (proposition). State your claim. Persuade and convince your readers to accept your position. The position must be significant and have a connection to your personal beliefs. The more passionate and determined you are about your chosen subject, the better the writing will be.
Formatting Notes
All papers should follow APA format.
Please use three points persuading the reader as to why psychotherapy is a better option then medication.
Please use recent sources

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