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And in the notes, if you can tell what the main head of the department does.

by | Nov 13, 2022 | American History | 0 comments

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The assignment is a PowerPoint with only a few slides that cover the instructions I am going to attach and also needs notes for me to present that I will understand. I will provide all the sources you will need besides who the head of the department is and if you want I did add a video with a brief summary of what the DIA is. but in the instructions, you are to say what their responsibilities are. Also in the instructions, it will ask what was some criticism you will only search up why the DIA failed to see the 9/11 terrorist attack coming so only one criticism. other than that everything else I have provided the sources on the other ones that I just talked about you are welcome to search up. but on the criticism, I already provided you with a topic so only that. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE NOTES SO WHEN I PRESENT I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Also for the head of my department, I left an example of how I want it. and in the notes, if you can tell what the main head of the department does. I will upload the main instructions right now. for my sources I just have them listed please use common sense in where they go based on the instructions and also read and watch the videos. ONE LAST THING YOU ARE ONLY DOING ONE AGENCY NOT THE OTHER ONE THE INSTRUCTIONS WILL TELL YOU ONLY ONE, AND ITS CALLED defense intelligence agency. upload the PowerPoint here. it should only take up to 3 mins my presentation but make sure all the information is there with my notes as well. this is a group presentation but I am just doing my part of it

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