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Assignment content

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Assignment Content
When writing your dissertation, it is important to grab the reader’s attention immediately. Think about how you might get your readers interested in learning more about your research project.
Review the following components of the “Doctoral Phase 2 – Precis” section of the CDS Dissertation Guide on CDS Central:
Background of the Problem (remember that the problem should be developed from the literature)
Develop your opening paragraph and background of the study or problem. The opening paragraph/statement should bring the reader into the topic, while the background of the study/problem should frame the problem and identify the gaps and/or deficiencies from prior research. It is important to present why the study should be pursued and for whom the study is important.
Note: If you do not clearly define your problem this week, it will become increasingly difficult for you to complete additional deliverables throughout the class given the way that the problem ties into so many facets of your dissertation.
Adhere to the “Doctoral Phase 2 – Precis” template provided in the CDS Dissertation Guide.
This section should be 3-4 pages long. You may use previous coursework when developing your dissertation phase deliverables.
Be sure to support all aspects with peer-reviewed literature and include APA formatted references.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
CDS Central
Center for Writing Excellence
Reference and Citation Generator
Grammar Assistance

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