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Assignment facts

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments

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Assignment Facts
A year ago, Ms. Allize Onme was sentenced to 3 years when she was found guilty of battery for slapping a coworker who called her a “basic ignorant Karen” when unisex bathrooms were implemented at her place of employment to accommodate all employees, regardless of their gender identity. She has contacted you for guidance regarding the lack of privacy in bathrooms at the “State Prison”. Specifically, she is finding it impossible to “relieve” herself in a dignified manner due to the lack of doors in bathroom stalls. Even if she holds “it” all day in hopes of some privacy while the inmates are sleeping, several corrections officers are always watching, either directly in front of her or through surveillance cameras.
This is the case of Allize Onme v Potty Peepers
Assignment Instructions
Read through the Grading Criteria and the Submission Guidelines (provided below). Do not begin drafting a response until you have fully understood how it will be evaluated.
Do you know what is required and how to submit your work? If so, then let’s talk about prison-poopy-privacy!
Draft a five-paragraph essay supporting the statement you chose. Use this outline to organize your five paragraphs:
Introduction of the statement you chose. Provide a very brief summary of Body-Paragraph One, Two, and Three.
Body-Paragraph One. Support your statement with a concise summary of an “Acceptable Source”. Then discuss how it applies specifically to Ms. Onme.
Body-Paragraph Two. Support your statement with a concise summary of an “Acceptable Source”. Then discuss how it applies specifically to Ms. Onme.
Body-Paragraph Three. Support your statement with a concise summary of an “Acceptable Source”. Then discuss how it applies specifically to Ms. Onme.
Conclusion. Summarize your strongest “evidence” (content from sources). Conclude with a strong analysis supporting the statement you chose.
Submission Guidelines
Run your final draft through “” or any other “spelling & grammar” checker. Review every single item that it identified. Make the necessary corrections then save your file as a PDF or DOC file.
Submit your PDF or DOC file for grading (click on the link/title of this content box). No other file extension is to be submitted.
There are a total of THREE submission attempts. The last one submitted is the one that gets graded. Once it has been graded, you cannot use the remaining attempts to resubmit revised files. They will not be reviewed. Instead, they will be deleted to eliminate any confusion.
Every submission goes through the Safe Assign Originality review process. You are encouraged to review the highlighted material (except citations) by “clicking” on the “original source” link. If it exceeds 30%, you may review, revise, and resubmit before it is graded. Submit early to benefit from this opportunity.
If your “matched content” is 70% or higher, it will receive a zero. Therefore, if you tend to “copy, paste, and dip”, then submit your work very early in the week, download the Originality Report, review it, revise your work accordingly, and resubmit by the deadline.
Grading Criteria
[40%] Content Must Be:
Sufficiently thorough
Responsive to the specific question/assignment
Original (no more than 30% matching; 70% or more is a zero)
Content must be organized, using transition sentences instead of bullets or lists
Nothing is “copied and pasted” and left as-is
Copied (unedited) content is a direct quote requiring a properly formatted citation
Direct quotes cannot exceed one sentence in length, limited to one quote per body paragraph
Supported by information obtained from the sources cited
Worth 40 points
[20%] Acceptable Sources Include:
Primary authority obtained from LexisNexis [20 points]
Secondary sources obtained from LexisNexis [15 points]
Scholarly sources obtained from FNU’s ProQuest Database [15 points]
Worth 20 points
[20%] Citations Must Meet the Following APA or Bluebook Rules:
APA in-text citations
APA reference list citations
Worth 20 points
Bluebook case law citations
Bluebook statute citations
Bluebook secondary sources citations
Citations are fully embedded within the content
Citations are not “listed” anywhere in the document
Worth 20 points
[20%] Grammar & Editing:
The entire document has been proofread and edited
Proper grammar (punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, etc.)
No use of contractions
No personalization (no use of I, you, we, us)
No visual “glitches” (internet “junk” has been removed, fonts are consistent (style, size, color), margins are set to one-inch all around, content is flushed “left”, paragraphs begin with first sentence indentation, etc.)
Saved and uploaded as a PDF or DOC file
Worth 20 points

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