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Describe the research briefly.

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Submit no more than two typed pages (single space within paragraphs and double space between paragraphs) with the following information:
Headings: Use the following headings for the paper:
1. Summary
o In your own words, write an abstract, or concise summary, of this article. Include all of the following elements:
1. a description of the problem or issue under study
2. the researcher’s hypothesis
3. one or two most important findings
2. Methods
o Identify the methods used by the researchers to gather data. Describe the research briefly. Who are the subjects of the study? How were they located or invited to participate?
3. Findings, Conclusions, and Critique.
o What were the major findings? Was the hypothesis supported?
o Briefly summarize what about your topic you learned from this article.
o Do you have any suggestions for future research? Is there anything you would have done differently in this research?
4. Reference Citation
o The reference citation for this article using APA format. The standard elements of a journal citation typically include the following:
1. author(s) of the article
2. title of the article
3. name of the periodical
4. volume and issue number
5. page numbers (of the article)

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