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Do not use the readings or the course lecture notes as a reference.

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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The research paper should have 1300 words in the body excluding the title page & bibliography on the topic of your choice related to any of the topics in this course.
The subject of the paper should be primarily sociological, not psychological, political science, philosophy, history, etc.
Do not use the readings or the Course Lecture Notes as a reference.
The framework of the paper should be: A descriptive title, a thesis & introductory paragraph, the body of the paper, a conclusion / summary, & a bibliography/reference section.
The paper should use 4 scholastic references from the social sciences, to be included in a Bibliography/Reference Section. These references should be cited in text. Papers should go beyond the analysis presented in the course, & not repeat it.
Quotes should only be used to emphasize a point, create dramatic effect, or highlight the fame of the author. Quotes should never be used simply to convey info. In this case, the info in the quote should be paraphrased in your own words.
You have already developed your thesis in the Lit Review Assignment, but feel free to modify it here. A thesis should indicate how/what your Research Paper will examine in relation to the main topic. A strong thesis will mention the main topic of examination in addition to a few (2 or 3) points that the Research Paper will cover, & describe how they relate to the topic & each other. A stronger paper covers a few points in greater depth while a weaker paper covers many points with only a shallow analysis. .
I will attach the lit review that was graded and given back to me for this assignment. You can use this in my paper and include the source in the Reference section.
I am going to use ” How can we improve “Systems Theory”? ” as my research question, unless you would like to edit it once you read the Lit Review I did.
If you have questions please ask, this is 75% of my grade!!!!

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