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Do you agree or disagree?

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The topic of this week’s reading is: The Influence of US-China Trade War and Tech War
– Read readings attached and provide a discussion question and your own answer.
1. your question can have only one question mark
2. you should directly mention in the question itself which reading (s) you are referring to
3. your readings should only based on the class readings, not include any other sources (do not need use all the readings, just pick one or two from those four)
4. you should provide a brief answer (about 300 words)
– Discussion Question Example:
1. In the Geoffrey Gertz and Miles Evers reading, the authors argue that in countries (China) where states and businesses are more connected, the governments can weaponize interdependence and better project geopolitical power abroad rather than in countries (the U.S.) where states and businesses are less densely connected. Do you agree or disagree?
2. In Fuller’s article, he assumes a future decline in Huawei and the Chinese IC industry with American export controls. Meanwhile, Chen and Li describe the Sino-US trade war as an opportunity for Chinese chip-related companies in a certain sense. Which argument do you agree with?

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