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How many new users were acquired through cpc (cost per click) in april 2022?

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Google Analytics 4 Assignment
Why are we doing this?
Mobile apps are an integral component of many businesses. Mobile app technology tools collect critical digital marketing data. Armed with mobile app analytics data, analysts drive better results for businesses. Let’s explore Google Analytics!
Our Goals:
Practice navigating Google Analytics 4.
Answer business questions using Google Analytics 4 data.
Interpret mobile app analytics and provide performance insights.
Flood-It! is a simple yet exciting strategy puzzle game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in fewer than the allowed steps. The game is available for download on Android and iOS Links to an external site..
There is a Google Analytics 4 property for Flood-It! containing games reporting Links to an external site. and data from the app and website that includes typical data that we might see for a gaming app with in-app purchases:
Calculated metrics – Information that is computed from existing metrics Links to an external site.. This includes metrics like Average revenue per active user and Average engagement time. It also includes Buyer conversion and Revenue heartbeat Links to an external site., which are based on Google Play’s recommended key performance indicators Links to an external site..
Events data – Information about user interaction with content. This includes events like level completion and level resets.
Ecommerce data – Information related to in-app purchases.
You have been hired as a digital marketing analyst for Flood It!. Please get familiar with your employer’s product by exploring their mobile app, Android Links to an external site.and iOS Links to an external site..
In order to gain access to a Google Analytics 4 demo account for Flood It! you can follow the instructions for accessing this demo account Links to an external site.that are available from Google or use these paraphrased steps below:
Open this Google Analytics 4 property: Flood-It!Links to an external site.
Log in with your Google account. (Our school google accounts may not work. 🙁 Please use/create a personal google account instead.)
If you don’t already have one, a Google Analytics account will be created for you and associated with your regular Google account. The demo account with its 3 properties will be added to your Google Analytics account.
If needed, you can use the account selector Links to an external make sure the Flood It! demo is showing. Pics below:
Google Analytics Demo Account menu Google Analytics Property Menu
Your manager is interested in the mobile app performance for Flood It! for the month of April 2022. When you open the Google Analytics 4 analytics dashboard, navigate to Reports in the menu on the left and then adjust the date filter in the upper right-hand corner to start on April 1, 2022, and end on April 30, 2022.
Using the Google Analytics demo Flood It! property, answer the following questions. This will take some exploring! You may find the resources in the section below helpful to get oriented. 🙂
How many new users (in thousands) did the Flood It! mobile app have in April 2022?
How many new users were acquired through CPC (cost per click) in April 2022?
How many returning users (in thousands) did the Flood It! mobile app have in April 2022?
How many post_score events occurred in April 2022?
In minutes and seconds, what was the average engagement time?
Which event name had the highest count in April 2022?
What was the total revenue in April 2022?
What was the average revenue per paying user in April 2022?
Flood It! uses first opens as a proxy for app installs. What was the first_open event count in April 2022?
Flood It! uses an audience called “Crashing Users” to track users that experienced an app crash. How many “Crashing Users” were there in April 2022?
Submit your answers using this Canvas quiz by clicking Start Quiz below. You will have up to 3 attempts. 🙂
Google Analytics has a limit of 100 analytics accounts per Google account. If you are getting close to this limit and want to remove the demo Links to an external site., go for it!

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