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How to work on it 10 points

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These specific articles or some equivalent in topic are available via the library website. After reading them, write a 3-4 page paper responding to ethic and responsibilities of counselors with respect to assessment. Be sure to cite resources to support your assertions. Incorporate issues of diversity into your discussion. Pay particular attention to Section E pp. 11-12 in the ACA Code of Ethics. Then, write a self-assessment related to your strengths and limitations to the above material. For the latter section, you may write in the first person.
a. Content Used APA Style 6 points
(Cover Sheet, Margins, Size of Font, References, and etc.) Wrote 3-4 pages 5 points Correct Grammar/Spelling 5 points b. Ethical & Legal Responsibility
Address various issues of diversity to assessment in counseling 13 points
Address multicultural competence for assessment in counseling 13 points
Address the ethical and legal requirements related to issues 13 points
of performing assessment in counseling c. Self-Assessment Strengths and limitations 10 points
How to work on it 10 points

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