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Should be about 500 words – that’s two pages double-spaced.

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For this option, you will be writing your own Ekphrasis essay about the work of art of your own choosing.
In order to understand this assignment, you must first read this article:
Step-by-step instructions:
Choose an artwork
Begin writing! Be as descriptive as possible, and discuss in as much detail as possible. Explore with your eyes, and then with words describe, every inch of the artwork. Use your words! Remember and refer back to the visual elements and the principles of design. Play around with formal analysis, contextual analysis, and self-expressive theories where applicable. Be descriptive…but concise! After you’ve finished writing, edit, edit, and edit again. Move sentences around and make sure you’re using the right words to get your idea across. The resulting essay should give a thorough description in words of something you normally need eyes to experience. Imagine you are describing a work of art to a blind person! Should be about 500 words – that’s two pages double-spaced.

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