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What makes you curious about it?

by | Nov 13, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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As you write your proposal here, consider such questions as these: what CQ seems to be working for you? What draws you to the topic? What makes you curious about it? What did you find online? What did you find for a book? What possible fieldwork could you do for this CQ? What excites you about the project? What worries you? Your proposal may come in the form of an outline of all four parts as well. The goal here is to work to solidify your focus for all four parts. Shoot for 300-400 words by 11:59pm on 11/12
A proposal is a kind of persuasion—
A successful proposal will include the following:
An introduction which:
clearly states the issue itself and why you see this as a controversy/moral question. Body paragraph addressing the following:
What do you already know, or think you know, about your subject? Where did your knowledge come from?
Where’s the first place (and don’t say “The Internet”; I want something more specific) for information about your topic (who is affected, how are they affected, why are they affected). Why do you believe this is a good place to start?
What research approach, based on module pages explaining research, do you anticipate using? Why?
What outside sources and possibly fieldwork do you anticipate using? Why?
Do you anticipate any difficulties? What are they? How will you address these difficulties?
How does your topic relate to your life? How will pursuing the answer to your question be of direct use to you

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