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When finished and due all group members will upload the presentation in canvas.

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The Group Project will be carried out in the form of a Project Paper.
The topic of the Group Project is assigned on a per group basis. and is discussed in the first weeks of the course. Per end September the Topic is defined and agreed between the group members. In the course of the next weeks you will research the Topic and ultimately present the paper in the form of aa PPT presentation (see below).
Your Group Project will principally have a structure that follows any kind of “scientific / epistemological process” (Please add name of the Research Project, Course no., Group no. and group names and date):
Start considering why the problem is a problem. (the “Introduction”); discuss and define before end September what is the name of your Research Project and write the preliminary introduction;
You formulate your “Basic Assumptions”, draw on facts, findings of others – any sources, preferably provided with references;
You refer to a framework /theory or hypothesis (“a basic model”) and you apply the facts to this model/ Use the Krugman textbook and other sources;
You carry out the analysis: Given the problem and the basic assumptions and framework, what would be the possible outcome of any suggested / creative policy measure? This leads to a conclusion of your analysis.
Given the conclusion, which policy advise would you choose for/ or recommend? (the “Recommendation”).
Length: 2000 words, some 7 pages, counting graphs apart
When finished and due all group members will upload the Project Paper in Canvas.
A rough idea about how to do the presentation. The format should be a PPT power point slide show. The PPT will be uploaded on the due date. All members of the group will present a part of the presentation. There should be a logical division.
One student introduces the scope of the problem (Why is the problem a problem?)
A second student will line out in detail what the problem exactly is.
A third student may consider a solution / an orientation towards resolving the problem.
A fourth student may consider adverse effects of the proposed solution/ direction of the solution and/or the necessity of further research.
Choose a team lead; the only one that will discuss with me, cc the other members of the group.
When finished and due all group members will upload the presentation in Canvas.
When you have a subject of interest that you agree upon, you will submit this to me. If approved this is the subject of your Power Point & Presentation. If not, I will give you a topic. Start thinking about subjects now! I anticipate that around Wk 4 possible subjects for the Group presentation will be discussed in class.
Every team can come up with a particular topic from the classroom topics discussed in the course. You will work in teams to prepare presentations on concepts represented in the assigned chapters (Krugman readings).

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