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Why or why not?

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It will be up to you to build a coherent and cohesive essay on on the following prompts: Do you think social media will help or hurt your college and career goals? Why?
Was either columnist more persuasive, in your opinion? Which one, and why? Although not explicitly mentioned in your thesis, your essay should touch on:
Did you have a strong opinion about the value of social media to a person’s professional life before you read the articles? Regardless of your standing either way, did reading the columns sway you to one side or the other? Why or why not?
Your essay should be the following:
An argumentative essay on one of the above named prompt. (Arguments have multiple sides. It will be to your benefit to acknowledge and explore that.)
A exhibition of critical thinking on the topic of social media. (Explore your ideas to their logical conclusions. Tell me what the implications are, and what they might implicate about our society.)
Show you are able to analyze the argument. (Explore the ways in which the authors constructed and displayed their arguments. Talk about where they might have strengthened them. Which did you find more convincing?)
Essay Requirements:
Minimum 3-4 pages long
12-Point Standard, Times New Roman Font
Formatted in MLA Style, where need be
Double Spaced
Include a Thesis. (The first paragraphs of your essay should introduce the prompt.)
Avoid using the first-person for this piece; instead, focus your sentences to express an authoritative voice and make claims for your argument.
Your essay should include brief quotations and specific evidence from the academic sources you are exploring. (To avoid merely summarizing, work hard to demonstrate how whatever you choose to quote illustrates what you perceive to be the crux of the topic or argument. Allow that to develop/become more complex based on your analysis.)

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