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Write a brief paper.

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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Session 12: Symptoms and Consequences of Safety and Environmental Factors
Available on Nov 11, 2022 12:01 AM. Access restricted before availability starts. Must post first.
Unfortunately, one of the “Need to Know” requirements added by the Pennsylvania Department of Education(PDE) of the certified school nurse is to be fully informed of school violence and abusive behaviors that happen within a school. Therefore, to meet the course objectives, this is a topic that must be reviewed.
Week 12 Assignment:
Watch the video School Violence by Elevation Youth (2018) Read the article Violence in the School Setting: A School Nurse Perspective by K. King, 2014.
Read Chapters 35, 36 and 44 in Resha & Taliaferro (2017) book
Write a brief paper. The paper should be at least two written pages.
You may go over the 2-page limit, but since you are summarizing your thoughts in paragraph form it should not be too large. A reflection paper is generally no longer than 3-4 pages written.
1. Reflect on the comments by the students in the video and the information in the article. Discuss the key implications noted in the video and the article and how they apply to the school nurse.
2. What do you feel needs updated in the Resha & Taliaferro (2017) book based on the current state of school violence?
3. What is your response/concerns to both the article and video? Be honest. Speak from your heart. It is important to learn through self-reflection, just as it is from evidence-based practice. Please use APA format
Please reference and cite in-text and provide a reference list. Both the article and video and the text should be cited at a minimum.
Please see the attached rubric for grading purposes. Follow the rubric. School Violence Reflection Paper Rubric
Deposit your paper to the Assignment Dropbox labeled Week 12 DB.
Your reflection is due by THURSDAY 11/17/2022 by 11:59 pm to the Assignment Dropbox.
You will NOT be responding or posting on DB for Week 12.
Almost done everyone! Judy

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