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Write an email to mr. weed telling him that you’re gone in 6 weeks.

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For this assignment, I ask you to write three pieces of correspondence in response to the scenarios described below. I also ask you to provide a reflective memo describing the rhetorical strategies you employed in composing these three responses. The information contained in the assigned readings will assist you in composing the letter, email, and memo elements of this assignment.
This assignment has two deliverables:
The Correspondence Assignment that includes three separate documents (Submit all of these elements–separated by page breaks–in a single Word document).
Correspondence Assignment
Scenarios: Feel free to make up plausible details to fill out the scenario as necessary, including names, addresses, and other factual details. (If you aren’t sure if a particular detail counts as plausible or not, please talk to me.)
Scenario 1
You work as a manager for Indelible, Inc., an environmental engineering firm. You recently interviewed a candidate for a position as a water resources engineer in your company. Despite appearing very qualified for the position on his résumé, the applicant performed terribly when you interviewed him last week: he mumbled and didn’t present well, he kept asking how much the job was going to pay, he shared stories from his last job that demonstrated a history of personality conflicts with his coworkers, and–truth be told–he was kind of a jerk to you. Your interview with the applicant, Mr. Lowell L. Cofield, convinced you that he would be a horrible fit at Indelible, Inc. (and you suspect anywhere else, too). The position will instead go to another, equally qualified candidate who interviewed more successfully.
Write a letter to Mr. Cofield letting him know that he won’t be getting the job.
Scenario 2
You’ve had it with your position at Happy-Go-Lucky Toys. After working as a sales manager for 9 years, you’ve decided to quit your job, go to graduate school, and start a new career. The company has treated you pretty shabbily, and things have finally reached a breaking point: the pay and benefits stink, you haven’t had a raise or a bonus in 3 years, and you hate the work you’re doing. On top of all that, the company’s future doesn’t look very bright: lead paint was recently discovered in its most profitable toy line. You look forward to returning to school full time, and spending more time at home. The thing you look forward to the most, however, is never having to work another day of your life for your ridiculous boss, Jonathan Weed. This man has been riding your ass for the past 9 years, and you can’t stand him. You’re never going to see that little jerk again in your life, and you couldn’t be happier for it.
Write an email to Mr. Weed telling him that you’re gone in 6 weeks.
Scenario 3
You are a middle manager at Vortex Appliance Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of white goods. Your division produces top-of-the-line dishwashers, and it has grown steadily over the past 11 years. Given current economic conditions, however, sales are suddenly tanking.
Two weeks ago, Vortex laid off 440 employees at a manufacturing facility making luxury refrigerators in Earlham, Iowa. Members of your division are nervous that their jobs might be next, and morale is lagging. With the price of Vortex’s most essential input (rolled steel) likely doubling next year, with retail sales down by near-record levels in all sectors, with the general economy sliding toward a recession, and with a recent production cut announced for your facility, things aren’t looking so hot. You’re only a middle manager, so you can’t say for sure either way, but you believe that there is a 75% chance that your division will close entirely within the year.
You must inform your sales team that their hours and base pay will be reduced if the company is to break even this quarter. While you may have a few members of your sales team that are underperforming, you can’t afford to be short-staffed now, so you must keep the entire team for the time being.
Write a memo telling the employees of your division that their hours and base pay will be reduced by 20 percent.
Reflective Memo
This should be a short document (at least 500 words) formatted as a memo from you to me.
I (your professor) am your audience for the Reflective Memo. Your purpose is to thoroughly explain each of the rhetorical strategies you employed when composing each of your correspondence documents. Your Reflective Memo should persuade me that:
you are working from reasonable assumptions about your audiences and you have used appropriate rhetorical strategies based on these assumptions. This means tell me which approach you used for each scenario (direct or indirect) and why you believe that approach is correct.
you have developed and conveyed an appropriate ethos within your documents to accomplish their individual purposes;
your correspondence is likely to be successful given the rhetorical situations;
and, ultimately, that you are a savvy rhetor

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