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Write two and half-page essay, a critical and analytical synopsis on different shades of green and frame two personal

by | Nov 13, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Development Activity •
Collective Discussions
and Rebuttal Writing: Read and detect the
manifestations of Environmental justice and
ecological activism in Different Shades of Green by
Caminero Santangelo. Read and detect multi-faceted
environmental issues in Tanure Ojaide’s poems from
The Tale of the Harmattan: The two poems to study
and analyze are
“The goat song” (Harmattan 10-12);
“Priests, converts, and gods” (Harmattan 13-14).
Look for irony, satire, sarcasm and folkloric devices
Ojaide uses in the poems as literary devices or poetic
outlets to convey his minority discourse message on
the natural environment as a living entity through
the exegetic strategy of personification. Write two
and half-page essay, a critical and analytical synopsis
on Different Shades of Green and frame two personal
concepts of violence in alignment with any of the
multiple concepts of violence defined in the text.
Your work will continue and include the analysis of
Ojaide’s two poems, which present issues of the
natural environment in Niger Delta of Nigeria and
critical sociopolitical interests commensurate with
them. Santangelo and Ojaide’s texts present
environmental critical problems at the core of our
Course course objectives. This assignment is worth
10% of the course total aggregate points. It is due on
the Canvas Discussions Board on Sunday, November

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