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Prepare a preliminary geotechnical assessment report (PGAR) summarizing existing and former
known surface and subsurface conditions, potential seismic hazards (fault rupture, ground
shaking, liquefaction, slope instability and lateral spreading), and potential geologic hazards
(flooding, scour, expansive soil, collapsible soil, compressible soil, sea level rise, and erosion) at
the proposed project site based on the following information provided herein (check Canvas
module PGAR) and material available online through Google Scholar (legitimate, peer-reviewed
sources only; blogs/opinions not okay):
• Boring records for historic explorations (Note: Some of the group symbols used in 1988 are
different from those currently used). Make your best interpretation based on the provided
• Available maps and reports that could include (but are not limited to):
o Geology, landslide, Alquist-Priolo fault zone, liquefaction potential, and flood maps
o City/County General Plan
o Google Earth historic imagery
The report requirement details are in the attached file PGAR Scope 85 101 HOV.pdf under DELIVERABLE. Please take a look at this file before you start since all the detailed steps are listed to guide you through this report.
There’s an example for you to have a better view of this report too. The actual report that you need to work on is not that long, it’s just an example of the steps.
There are couple calculations but I will provide you with the result soon so please start working on other parts.

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