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How it connects to mindfulness and how mindfulness can help depression go away

by | Nov 19, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Your final project allows you to be creative, active, and engaging. I am looking for creativity that shows you fully understand how mindfulness can be used in our day-to-day life including school, anxiety and stress, work, in kids, etc. Mindfulness really has no limits. And living an aware life changes us.
the topic is Mindfulness and Depression First, define depression How it connects to mindfulness and how mindfulness can help depression go away The article has to be academic journal You may choose any topic we have covered; however, I challenge you to choose a topic we have not covered. We did not nor will we cover: mindfulness and veterans, pre-school-aged kids and mindfulness, in education, mindfulness and incarcerated people–the list of topics in relation to mindfulness are staggering. The topic you choose for your final project is what this proposal needs to cover. If you have never written a proposal, please, please use the writing center. If you can visit in person, I encourage you to work with Ethel. She knows what I expect and is a great person to help you meet the expectation. If you cannot go in person, then using the Online Writing Center works in your favor as Ethel also covers the OWC. Your proposal needs to be in either MLA or APA, 3-4 pages (if you use APA the proposal should be at least 7 pages because of all the APA elements). The proposal must include the topic, why you have chosen the topic, a list of at least three good sources you are going to use for your project (one must be from an academic journal), why you have chosen said sources, and how those sources support your project. Also, you must include how you will be delivering your final: will you be giving a speech, creating a flyer, artwork, or a general essay? I am open to creativity so be clear in how you want to present this final project. USE THE WRITING CENTER. If I do not understand the delivery method of the assignment in its final state, you will not get a grade higher than a D on this assignment. And, you must get my approval on your topic for the final. If you fail to do this assignment and choose to turn in a final I did not approve, you will get 0 points on the final. All final projects must get my approval. Summary
Source 2 Source 3 Presentation Delivery
Works Cited
Short paragraph overview of the proposal. Clear explanation of the topic.
Clear statement of the identified problem. Proposed solution for the identified problem
Any definitions of terms all readers will need to know. Why you have chosen this topic
Why you chose this source and how will it support your topic?
Is this a scholarly article?
“ “
Explain how your presentation will be “creative, active, and engaging”
Alphabetical listing by authors’ last names.

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