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How would you evaluate the effectiveness of this kind of training?

by | Nov 19, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

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Homework Assignment-each question at least 100 words
Q1. In a recent discussion on the use of the Internet to generate applications, the following quote was made and illustrates the application of the Internet to the recruiting and selection process: “It doesn’t care whom you know, what kind of suit you’re wearing, or whether you have a firm handshake. Salespeople looking for a job may soon have to face their toughest interview yet—with a computer.”
What are the advantages of using the Internet to conduct preliminary job interviews? What problems is a company that uses computer-aided interviewing likely to encounter?
Q2. One potential source of applicants for sales positions are sales representatives who work for competitors. One sales manager indicated, “Pirating sales representatives from other companies makes sense. Let them do the training, then we’ll hire them.” Is this ethical? Is this legal? Does this practice make good business sense?
Q3. The response from a few of the sales reps from Marlow Technologies toward the new sales training topic was not encouraging. Geoff Marlow, vice president of sales, was dismayed at what he perceived to be a total lack of social graces on the part of the 15-person sales force. To rectify this situation, he retained a consulting firm that specializes in etiquette training to provide a day-long session on the subject. Frank Casey, one of Marlow’s sales trainees, was not pleased and said, “What’s this? Now we have to go to charm school too! Next thing you know, they’ll want to teach us how to dress.” Are such topics as etiquette and dress appropriate for sales training? How would you evaluate the effectiveness of this kind of training?
Q4. The newly assigned sales representative was perplexed about her inability to learn about consumers’ needs. She contends her customers are not willing to tell her what problems they are experiencing. After making several joint calls with her, the district sales manager agreed she was not receiving informative responses to her questions. What are the characteristics of good questions? How can sales reps be trained to ask better questions?
Q5. One expert contends that sales training is not at all as complicated as some would claim. He predicts that regardless of the advances in communication, resources, technology, and training tools, the basic selling skills that trainers teach salespeople will change very little from those that have been successful during the past 50 years. What will change, according to the expert, is how salespeople are trained to use these skills effectively. Do you agree with this prediction?

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