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Research proposal

by | Nov 19, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Research Proposal
The research proposal is a crucial step of the research process.
For this class, research topics must be clear, relevant, and persuasive.
Each topic must also be approved. Therefore, the quality of this proposal can impact whether your research topic is understood and ultimately approved.
Think of an issue that is arguable. Your goal is to propose an arguable, significant, and timely issue and become the “resident expert” on the issue.
Your proposal should be 1-2 pages in MLA Style, 12-point font, double spaced.
No Works Cited page is needed because this step does not include formal research. This proposal as an organized brainstorm.
Information presented should be coherent and well-organized.
Sentences should be complete, clear, and relatively error free. Carefully read each step before you begin your proposal.
No other portion of the research will be accepted until a completed proposal has been approved.
Please follow through with each step.
1. Write a research question. The question should be one that your research paper will explore and answer, using Dallas College Library sources that you identify.
Create a question of your own or use up to two of questions provided below.
The question should address a researchable aspect of the reading, such as:
ex: How is the theme reinforced throughout the work?
ex: What literacy devices does the author employ?
ex: Which rhetorical appeals are effectively executed?
ex: What does this work say about the time during which it was published? How can the context be applied to modern society?
ex: How is the author’s “self” revealed through the work? What does the reader learn from this work that helps us connect with the writer?
2. Explain how the question fits into a broad category, larger context, or conversation.
Write an introductory paragraph of at least five sentences that indicates the context and proposes an answer to your research question.
For example, possible categories for “I Too Sing America” might be Identity, Americanism, Acculturation, Assimilation, and Voice.
3. Indicate why the topic is important.
• Why did you choose your topic?
• What makes this selection of literature timely?
• Who does the literature impact?
• In what way do your research and topic issue matter?
5. Discuss your current knowledge of the topic, including:
This step is exploratory; you are not researching yet. You are simply brainstorming about your research intentions.
• What do you already know about the topic, the literature, and the author?
• What would you like to learn?
• How might your new knowledge inform an understanding of the
reading or its implications for readers/society?

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