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What type of source is this?

by | Nov 19, 2022 | History | 0 comments

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In an essay that is approximately 750 words in length, answer the provided question using one or more primary sources from the relevant portion of your reader, Containing Multitudes: A Documentary Reader of the American Past, as well as any source(s) provided by your instructor. Your essay should contain a thesis or argument that answers the question and should use evidence from the source to support that argument. You may use your textbook and/or lecture notes in your answer.
Question: How and why have the size, scope and responsibility of the federal government changed over time? Using the documents in the chapters 21-25 of the reader Containing Multitudes and your other course materials assess what factors drove these changes.
Your analysis of the primary source(s) should include the following information:
What type of source is this?
Who produced this source? When?
What was the context in which the source was created?
What biases or agendas do you see influencing the source?
Demonstrate how the source provides evidence to support your answer to the question.
In addition, excellent essays will make broader connections between the social or ethical issues presented in the sources and those of other historical periods, including the present.
Your essay must include documentation of the sources within the essay. Your instructor will provide further clarification about the type of documentation required.

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