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Why do you believe the issue exists and why was it was able to occur

by | Nov 19, 2022 | Public Relations | 0 comments

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This discussion board will relate to a women’s issue story that you retrieved from a media source (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.).
You may not use Immaculee Illibagiza or the Rwanda genocide for this discussion board. It must be an international story.
Do not select a story about something that happened here in the US.
An international social welfare issue regarding women must be addressed. The issue should be one that was discussed in your text, in the video you watched and/or the material you read in the pdf file.
You must attach a link to the story (this is required). Your story should be current, that is, not more than two months old.
You must provide answers to the following questions/topics:
1. A brief summary of the story/issue
2. What women’s social welfare issue is presented
3. Why do you believe the issue exists and why was it was able to occur
4. What can be done to address and stop the issue.
Your discussion board will be graded on conscientiousness, clarity, analysis and insights.
Your original Discussion Board Thread should be 350-400 words. You will also respond to 2 other classmates’ Threads. Your responses/comments should be between 150-300 words. You will not be able to view others’ Threads until you have entered your own. To be graded, both your original and two responses must be submitted. Submissions that don’t meet these requirements will result in a grade of 0. There is no partial credit if you do not post an original and two responses to classmates’ posts.

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