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You should do this for the previous three years.

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The reading for this session will help you prepare for this assignment, please read the material before attempting the lab.
Once data has been extracted from a database, it is used to make decisions. The decisions, depending on the data and the industry, could be to hire more employees, terminate some current employees, or start the research and development process for a new product to fill a need of the consumer.
For this lab, you will research to find weather information for an IT project.
As part of an ongoing IT project you have been assigned the task of predicting the best time in June to attempt some work that requires workers to be outside, this work will require 7-days for completion. There are some requirements for the location:
First, it must happen during the month of June over a 7-day window.
Second, it will be in Houston Texas.
Third, the critical requirement: you should select the week of the month where the temperatures are historically the lowest possible with the least historical amount of rain in June.
Use a website of your choice to collect the weather data for Houston Texas for the month of June. You should do this for the previous three years.
Once you have collected the data, you are to analyze the data to determine the best 7-day period.
For submission, using a spreadsheet; list the years of data individually and highlight the chosen 7-day period based on your analysis.

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