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Your course textbook and course lectures are also acceptable secondary sources.

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History 2055 Analytical Paper (200 points) Fall 2022 – Professor Isenhower
Purpose: History is about clearly and concisely analyzing sources (evidence). The key is not repeating information (facts), but rather making a convincing argument (thesis) for what those facts mean. Without an argument, readers will not understand why you are telling them about a historical event, person, or idea. An analytical argument is not simply a forceful statement. Instead, historical analysis is like arguing a legal case. You must explain how specific examples support your thesis. Skills needed in historical analysis translate to all effective professional communication, and the ability to critically evaluate claims, information, and sources.
Topic: Based upon your understanding of primary source readings, information from the lectures, and textbook readings, explain which of the following interpretations of changes in American society between 1815 and 1848 is most convincing and why. Pick only ONE. Your response MUST include a logically constructed thesis statement (argument) within the first paragraph, followed by analysis and explanation of your historical examples throughout the rest of the paper. Mere description is not sufficient. You must support your analysis with at least THREE primary sources and TWO secondary sources. Approved primary sources are provided in this assignment packet, along with a selection of additional secondary sources. Your course textbook and course lectures are also acceptable secondary sources. Pro tip: explain not only the strengths of the argument you find most convincing, but also address its potential weaknesses.

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