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Discuss your thoughts about whether you think nature reflects a presence of the sacred.

by | Nov 22, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Task :Taking into consideration Emerson’s Nature, Annie Dillard’s “Seeing,” and Mary Oliver’s poems “The Summer Day” and “Wild Geese” ;
write about your thoughts and feelings on how all four of these pieces reflect the possibility of the sacred in nature.
Discuss your thoughts about whether you think nature reflects a presence of the sacred. Very important: to consider the
possibility of the sacred does not require a specifically religious perspective. In a few short words, the sacred, especially for our
purposes, suggests the presence of something we revere, something we find awe-inspiring or deeply inspirational, healing or uplifting.
Typically, sacredness is associated with places, occurrences, and even things. Therefore, we can think of nature as a place where
encountering the sacred is possible.
As you discuss your personal thoughts, I want you to specifically incorporate your thoughts about our readings from Emerson,
Dillard, and Oliver. You are also welcome to include, in addition to these writings, other writing, films, experiences, and religious
perspectives / beliefs.
The essay is primarily about you and what you think– but it must also include specific thoughts about the class readings.
Do not use the typical essay structure that we have learned in this class.
No formal introduction
No thesis
No conclusion
Your essay is a narrative about your thoughts, your feelings, your conclusions.
Instead of a thesis, you must come to your final insight about the question. Your paragraphs should lead to why you had this insight.
If you do not think there is anything sacred about nature, you can write about that.
You do not have to write about whether you agree or like what the writers said. This essay is about you and what you think.
You need to organize it logically. You need a beginning in which you establish for your reader the fact that you are going to ponder
your thoughts about the sacredness of nature (or, if it is the case, your belief there is nothing sacred about nature). Your
discussion must be linked to your personal thoughts about Emerson, Dillard, and Oliver. You can discuss your thoughts about each
piece separately or you can discuss two or more simultaneously. The choice is yours.
Just make sure that everything you discuss leads your reader to your final insight when you express, ultimately, your final thoughts
about whether nature is sacred or not– and how those writers contribute to your thoughts.
You can think about this essay as your assessment of the majority of things we have read this semester.
Your job is not to agree with me or make me feel like I am a good teacher (I personally think I am deeply flawed).
Your grade for the essay will be based on how thoroughly you express your thoughts about the class readings and how effectively
you use those thoughts to offer an overall insight. The assignment truly is about you.
Since you will be using several sources, you will need to carefully follow how to correctly cite them in-text and then as part of a
correctly formatted Works Cited page. See attached picture for this.

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